The First Amendment & Censoring of Alpha Phi Sorority

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All my life, I’ve never been much into politics. I’m one of those people who is of the opinion that most politicians are corrupt, regardless of their political party affiliations, and much like Captain Malcom Reynolds, I see government as a system designed purely to get in a man’s way.

But I must admit, as time goes on and I spend more time upon this planet, that kind of corruption and undermining of freedom and liberty becomes more personal and more important.

As a novelist, I am obligated to care about freedom of speech and freedom of the press. After all, those ideals not only affect my writing, but the writing of every author I admire. As citizens of the United States of America, we must be willing to do anything to maintain those freedoms, up to and including sacrificing our lives or ending the lives of those who would rob us of those liberties. Patrick Henry famously said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” He should have said, “Give me liberty or meet your death.” That’s what America was built upon – the defiance of tyranny at any cost.

Some time back in the early 1990’s a very insidious and tyrannical movement began in these very United States of America. At first, it was considered a joke. A punchline. Something everyone made fun of. Today, it has gained the power to get kids expelled from school, parents to lose their jobs, families to shutter businesses, and soon it will result in innocent citizens being incarcerated.

I’m talking of course about “politically correct” agendas. This insidious ideology is disguised as being about “respecting people’s feelings” but that is a lie. The true agenda of these people is now coming to light. These are vile scumbags who seek to suppress and censor thoughts, ideas, and words which contradict their own beliefs. They confuse “empowerment” with “agreement”. The desire to feel “empowered” only exists among the weak. Those who possess genuine strength never yearn for validation.

The McCarthy trials of the 1950’s were a time in this nation when we were righteously united against the threats of communism. People were singled out and blacklisted for being members of the Communist party. No freedom-loving American will ever permit a socialist or a communist to hold a political office in our democracy, so while the viciousness of McCarthyism may have been unconstitutional, the principal was absolutely justifiable. Ironically, most of the dirty hipsters of today condemn the evils of McCarthyism, while perpetuating the exact same kind of persecution upon any citizens who disagree with their views. Disagree with gay marriage or support the police or defend freedom of speech and you will be tried and convicted for treason against the dictatorship of liberalism.

Personally, that’s fine with me. Give me the rope. I’ll hang myself. I’d rather speak out and die than live forever as a slave to manipulative ideologies. Speaking out against the evils of “politically correct” bigotry is something I should have done long ago, but it reached a breaking point for me in August of 2015 with the controversy surrounding the recruitment video for the University of Alabama chapter of the sorority Alpha Phi. This video was shot and edited by a film student named Griffin Meyer and as a person who has done videography for a living myself, I have to say, Griffin Meyer landed the best gig ever.

Personally, I never went to college. I mean, sure, a couple classes at community college, but that doesn’t count. Community college isn’t a real school, that’s just an excuse for us poor kids to keep busy when we don’t know what the hell to do with our lives. I never went to a real college. And, as I was always one of the geeky weirdos and outcasts. Ordinarily, I’d never stick up for any Greek house. In high school, I would have hated Alpha Phi just on principal, knowing those girls would look at me with about as much affection as dogshit on their shoes.

However, when I saw that video from Alpha Phi, my whole attitude changed.

For the first time in my life, I was horribly jealous of their world of wealth and privilege. For the first time in my life, I wished I was handsome. I wished I was popular. For 4 minutes, I found myself wishing I could be part of that universe I will never know. I wanted to come from a family of influence. I wanted to be someone that had friends and was desired by gorgeous blond sorority girls instead of being a lone hermit.

Instead of being judgmental and condescending towards that world of prestige and beauty, I found myself yearning to be part of it. The parties. The laughter. The companionship. I desperately wished I was a dashing frat boy who was dating one of those girls. Or four or five of those girls. Or two? At least two. Come on, there are so many!

I digress, but I did wish I could be part of that.

And I was so happy for all those lovely young girls who had their whole lives ahead of them and will get to live that dream for real. All those dazzling ladies who will always have lives filled with love and friendship and success. Good for them.

That image the Alpha Phi women created was one of joy and innocence and companionship the likes of which I have never seen. What they created was truly beautiful. In our world of so much rage and hate and judgment, these women created a lovely collage of a life I can only dream of experiencing. By the end of the video, I found myself reeling; overjoyed for them and all the lifelong memories they were making.

Then it happened.

The unthinkable.

Like a bunch of deranged teenagers murdering a darling kitten, the “politically correct cult” swooped in and attacked Alpha Phi with a vengeance. They turned a beautiful video of love and friendship into something they could hate. Evil and pustulant demons crawled out of their gourmet coffeehouses and dared to accuse the sorority of racism and a lack of diversity. First of all, Alpha Phi is not a whites-only sorority. But did you know there are black sororities like Alpha Kappa Alpha. Asian sororities like Delta Phi Kappa. There is even Lambda Theta Alpha which is a Latina sorority. Why aren’t those sororities considered racist? Why doesn’t anyone say those organizations have a lack of diversity? The truth is simple – white people are the only ethnicity stupid enough to hate themselves for their skin color. Black pride? That’s fine. Brown pride? That’s okay. Yellow pride? No problem. Red pride? Perfectly acceptable. White pride? Whoa! Hang on! You’re racist!


In our culture, everyone is allowed to be proud of their skin color, unless you’re white. Voicing any pride in caucasian heritage is condemned, stupidly enough, mostly by fellow caucasians.

The latest trendy term for this unjust segregation is “white privilege”. These politically correct morons are so monumentally stupid, they think having an equivalent quantity of ethnicities represents diversity. Since Caucasians comprise 72% of the United States population, then it would actually be an accurate representation of diversity for 72% of the Alpha Phi girls to be white. Blacks represent about 17% of the population. Hispanics are only about 13% of the population. Insisting all minorities be portrayed with equal numbers is not diversity – it’s a lie. Disproportionately smaller quantities of ethnic or social groups within a society do not deserve an equal quantity of representatives with all other groups – they deserve to be depicted via a ratio equivalent to their proportion in the culture. Duh.

And while we’re on this topic of the source of evil that attacked Alpha Phi in the form of socialist goosestepping femmes, Peggy McIntosh, a Caucasian women’s studies professor at Wellesley College is credited with coining the term “white privilege” in her 1988 essay with the misandrist title “White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in Women’s Studies.” Before I even researched that information, I knew with 100% certainty that an angry white femnazi invented that phrase. The phrase “white privilege” could only come from the mind of a hateful white feminist. No other demographic of people would ever think to invent such a term. No one on this earth hates white people more deeply than Caucasian feminists. These self-hating Valerie Solanas disciples are the only group of people in the history of the world who would ever invent a label to deride their own heritage. Where’s the empowerment in that?

True white privilege is men, women and children who behave with dignified grace in the face of adversity. Never resorting to looting or rioting just because life has beaten them down. Never blaming others for the mess they are in. Possessing that kind of self-respect is indeed a privilege that not all ethnicities are noble enough to exemplify.

Back to the lovely ladies of Alpha Phi, their video contains no nudity. There are no derogatory comments made against anyone due to their ethnicity or religious background. There are no offensive symbols or logos or gestures. No one is portrayed doing anything illicit or illegal. No one is saying anything hateful or slanderous against anyone. No one utters any crude or inappropriate language. So, tell me, what kind of a braindead piece of rotten-elephant-jism finds that video offensive? You have to be a truly worthless sack of garbage with unscrupulous morals and perverse values if you think that film was in any way inappropriate. Do hideous liberal Marxist whores just jump on the Internet looking to deride anything that shows decent and wholesome facets of Americana? When I see this video, I just see an endearing house full of downhome country girls in Alabama. Ladies I can take to the shooting range because their daddy taught them to use a shotgun and out to a fancy dinner because their momma taught them to be a lady. Anyone offended by that is a diarrhea-soup-eating communist.

Worst of all, their own university betrayed them! The Associate Vice President for University Relations (which is just an egocentric way of saying PR) Deborah M. Lane fell prey to the pressures of the social justice warriors and she condemned the video, saying, “This video is not reflective of UA’s expectations for student organizations to be responsible digital citizens.” What in the name of Mother Theresa’s skidmarks does that even mean? Responsible digital citizens? What kind of a fustian phrase is that? So now it’s irresponsible to show a video of sorority girls laughing and enjoying each others company? Really? Is that was these politically correct bags of vomit are teaching college students? To celebrate life is irresponsible?

The video was fantastic. If I were a father sending my daughter to the University of Alabama, I’d be proud of her if she became an Alpha Phi. At least I know she’d be living her life with some joy and positive friendships.

A.L.Bailey wrote a scathing article saying, “The video lacks any mention of core ideals or service and philanthropy efforts. It lacks substance but boasts bodies. It’s the kind of thing that subconsciously educates young men on how to perceive, and subsequently treat, women in their lives. It’s the kind of thing I never want my young daughters to see or emulate.”

Who does that judgmental bigot think she is? And since when do legitimate journalists interject their parenting practices into a news article? Ugly feminists have always tried to brainwash women with the same disempowering rhetoric: Beautiful women are obligated to suppress their beauty, otherwise men will never show women any respect. Not only is this an infantile and ignorant view of feminine sexuality, it is an insult to both men and women. These grotesque feminists demand attractive women hide their looks and simultaneously imply all men are chauvinistic rapists, simply because they find a woman desirable. Militant worshipers of the SCUM Manifesto espouse sick and deranged opinions designed only to make women conform and subjugate themselves to hateful agendas of a monstrous matriarchy.

The most articulate retort I can vocalize against these misogynistic feminists is… Fuck those dumb broads.

If you’re a beautiful woman, you own that hotness, baby. You own it. Don’t let some haggard, do-rag-wearing, manly witch make you feel guilty about the fact that you’re good looking. These self-appointed feminist watchdogs are not my favorite people and I’m getting real tired of the excrement they constantly regurgitate about how they are “offended” or “triggered” by every petty statement they disagree with with. I called them misogynistic a moment ago, but I misspoke. Feminists are downright misanthropic. Feminists hate everybody. They hate beautiful women for being beautiful and they hate men just for being men.

Think about this for a moment – Muslim extremists wish to kill everyone unwilling to convert to Islam. Militant feminists wish to kill everyone who don’t match their genitals. How psychotic is that? At least the terrorists give you an escape route. Feminists show no mercy.

For A.L.Bailey to claim the Alpha Phi video lacks substance is a lie, proving she is the one with the inability to look beyond the shallow surface of appearances. The video glorifies sisterhood, camaraderie and companionship. These women are celebrating life and laughter. They carry themselves with grace and dignity. That is substance to anyone with some ethics. A.L.Bailey claims there was no expression of core ideals, but I can think of no core ideals greater than extolling the bonds of joy and friendship. And if that is going to teach young men how to perceive and treat women, I’d say Alpha Phi was resoundingly successful in portraying themselves with decorum.

This was it for me. After all these years of politically correct liberals trying to censor freedom of speech and control language and dictate what can be said, like some Stormtrooper Gestapo, I’ve had it. Something snapped. I’m done with these politically correct traitors to liberty. After the Alpha Phi incident, it’s time to call them out on their treason and keep calling them out.

Griffin Meyer was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter on 18 August 2015 by Katie Wilson Berg and Emmet McDermott where Griffin said:
“This video is not for politically sensitive adults who immediately associate eating a popsicle with sex. It’s a hyper-realistic video that’s supposed to evoke an emotion in the mind of an incoming freshman girl, so I don’t really care what adults think… I wish they left it on YouTube. By deleting the video it made the criticism seem legitimate and made it seem like something was actually wrong with the video.”

I couldn’t agree more, Griffin. You summarized it perfectly.

As for the women at Alpha Phi, I hope you will reconsider and repost your video. Or better yet, make many more like that one in the future. You did nothing wrong. What you did was beautiful. Forget that jerk Deborah Lane and her meaningless apology. Screw that nimrod A.L. Bailey who wrote the scathing Alabama Media Group article against you. Those women are beneath you. You are goddesses and they are cockroaches. You created something fun and joyful and positive and they had the audacity to belittle you for that? Those people are worthless. Ignore them. You ladies at Alpha Phi are better than they are. Don’t allow those inferior insects to dictate your life to you.

In fact, this is America. Don’t ever allow anyone to dictate your life to you.

Remember ladies, The Bill of Rights are not rights that were given to us by the government. The Bill of Rights are human rights that We the People demanded our government must obey, because those rights are universally applicable to every moment of our lives. The principals of freedom of speech always applies, not just to laws and regulations. The freedom extends to everyplace we might speak or write or express our thoughts and opinions. And those rights extend to every facet of our existence from our homes, to the Internet, to college campuses, to the steps of Washington D.C.

Those who sought to shame and censor Alpha Phi were wrong. They were wrong. They were immoral. They were unethical. They were traitors to America and our highest ideals of freedom.

There was nothing vapid or inappropriate with what Alpha Phi expressed. Never let anyone tell you ladies otherwise.