Gun Violence Does Not Exist

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As of 2016, according to the United States Census Bureau, there are approximately 310 million men, women, and children living in the United States of America. Every single dot on this map represents one human life.

According to various sources, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and the Congressional Research Service, there are currently 357 million guns in the United States. There are more firearms than citizens.

According to various sources, including the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), since 1959, the number of American households possessing guns has fluctuated. Estimates range anywhere from as low as 36% to as high as 51%. The FBI revealed Americans applied to purchase more firearms during the Fall of 2015 than any other time in history, and those numbers have gone up ever since, it’s rational to conclude the percentage of households with firearms is closer to the 50% threshold. Even if it were as low as 36% that still means there are over 111 million gun owners in the United States. That is approximately the combined population of:
Washington: 6,724,540
Oregon: 3,831,074
Montana: 989,415
Idaho: 1,567,582
Nevada: 2,700,551
California: 37,253,956
Wyoming: 563,626
Utah: 2,763,885
Arizona: 6,392,017
North Dakota: 672,591
South Dakota: 814,180
Nebraska: 1,826,341
New Mexico: 2,059,179
Texas: 25,145,561
Colorado: 5,029,196
Kansas: 2,853,118
Oklahoma: 3,751,351
Iowa: 3,046,355
Arkansas: 2,915,918

The number of crimes prevented by gun owners every year is difficult to estimate. In April of 2013, The New York Times reported that the Violence Policy Center claimed 67,740 crimes are prevented every year by gun owners. The National Rifle Association claims that number is closer to 2 million. Being such vastly different statistics, let’s compromise and presume 100,000 crimes are prevented yearly by gun owners. That is the approximate population of Norman, Oklahoma.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that approximately 11,208 people are murdered every year with firearms. 11,208 is the approximate population of Webb City, Missouri. Let’s put that in perspective. People who hate guns would make you think those 11,000 lives are all innocent victims, but the truth is that many of them are criminals shot by the police, gangbangers killing rivals in the ghetto, and families protecting themselves from rapists and murderers. That 11,000 also includes every shooting at our schools and churches and movie theatres, every terrorist attack at a Christmas party and military recruiting center, and every crazy college student who goes on a rampage. Everyone. 11,208.

Among our population of 310 million, those 11,000 gun deaths represent one 0.0035% (35 ten-thousands of a percent) of our population. When you realize how few people are harmed by guns, it becomes clear that the motive behind gun regulations isn’t to protect this small fraction of victims. Gun laws are intended to control and subjugate the citizens who own them.

Since guns prevent crimes at least 100,000 times a year, while only 11,000 people are killed, guns protect our families and our children 10 times more frequently than they harm anyone. Banning guns from 310 million citizens, will endanger 100,000 people every year, in an attempt to protect 11,000. Allowing 100,000 people to become victims of rape or murder, in order to protect 11,000 people from harm, many of whom are violent criminals, is illogical and unethical.

You know what kills more people than firearms?

Alcohol. Every year, 29,001 die in alcohol induced deaths. You hear the media use words like “epidemic” to describe gun violence. Twice as many people die from alcoholism as they do from guns. No one ever says alcohol is causing an epidemic. They use that language to manipulate the public. Instead of reporting the facts, they sensationalize reports with carefully chosen words in an effort to condition you.

You know what else kills more people than firearms?

30,208 die from falling every year.

33,804 die annually in car accidents.

46,471 die in drug induced deaths.

51,966 people are killed by accidental poisoning.

53,282 die from pneumonia. That’s right. You’re 5 times more likely to die from pneumonia than being killed by a gun.

But what about the children? People who hate guns always cite the deaths of children as justification to ban guns.

A mere 460 kids between the ages of 0 and 14 die each year in shootings. 460. That is 0.00014% (14 hundred-thousands of a percent) of the population or 1 in 673,913. That means if our population was the size of North Dakota, one child per year would be killed by a gun.

You know what kills more children than guns?

675 kids in that same age group die by drowning. Do parents ever rally to ban swimming? Bathtubs? Does the president try to create more executive orders to protect the children from pool parties? 50% more kids die by drowning than they do by guns! Guns are not an epidemic. Swimming pools are far more deadly to a child.

1,083 kids between the ages of 0 and 14 die each year in car accidents. More than twice as many kids die in cars than they do from guns. Cars kill 135% more kids. Politicians want to sue gun manufacturers if a gun kills a child. But are politicians trying to sue auto manufacturers when a drunk driver uses their car to murder a child?

Worst of all, the highest statistic for murdered children is worse than you think. 380,000 kids are murdered every year by Planned Parenthood. Every year. That is over half the population of Alaska.

460 kids killed by guns. 380,000 children murdered by Planned Parenthood. Here is their own statistic on their own website. Think about that. These people murder more babies in one year than guns have killed in the last century. When a stranger shoots a child, they call it murder. When a mother kills her child, they call it abortion.

You see, my fellow Americans, the mainstream media is deceiving the public. They all have the identical agenda to censor freedom of speech, rob you of your liberties, and outlaw your ability to defend yourself. Hollywood and the news are not being honest with you. These media outlets are manipulating you. Brainwashing you with repetition. Influencing you with rhetoric in order to illicit an emotional response. The politicians are crying crocodile tears. The numbers prove gun violence is a fable and politicians have no justification to vilify firearms. Therefore, the only way they can influence the public is through hysteria and terror. Irrational fear is the only ammunition these treasonous lawmakers have, so they try giving Americans the false impression that all citizens are in constant danger of being a victim.

As a novelist, issues like freedom of the press and weaving fiction are my expertise. When I look at the facts, the fiction of the mainstream media becomes obvious. Historically, an attack on our Second Amendment rights always precedes an attack on the First Amendment. Take away their ability to defend themselves. Then take away their ability to speak out. As a writer and a patriot who believes in our liberty and freedom, I have an obligation to counter these attacks. To speak out. Every time people lose their right to defend themselves, they lose the right to speak their mind. That’s when writers and journalists with integrity start disappearing from their homes in the middle of the night. We are always the first to go. Followed by business leaders, then ordinary families like your own. Gun violence is far worse than you have been told, because everything you have been told is a grotesque lie. Gun violence doesn’t exist. Gun violence is a myth. Study the facts. Educate yourself. Firearms are harmless. Comparatively speaking, alcohol, cars, swimming pools, feminists and slippery floors are far more deadly than guns.