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An Open Letter to Everytown Authors Council

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As a novelist, I believe freedom of speech is one of the most important human freedoms that American citizens have ordered our government to never interfere with.

Our next most vital right, second to our freedom, is our right to defend that freedom from all who would seek to take it away.

Any threat against our Second Amendment is a veiled threat against the First.

A few days ago, I found out about an initiative, funded by Michael Bloomberg, called the Everytown Authors Council, seeking to recruit fellow writers to encourage more gun laws.

As an NRA member, I hereby offer a challenge to all of those writers.

Come visit me in California.

Shoot some guns with me.

Educate yourself about firearms before you pass judgement on owning one.

I will shoot video of our meeting. I encourage you to do the same.

I will post our discussion and experiences online, so everyone can fairly see both of our viewpoints.

There are currently 130 writers who have volunteered to take part in the Everytown Authors Council. Part of their vow states, “we pledge to use our voices wherever and whenever we can, doing our part to help mobilize more
Americans to help save lives.”

Okay. Here is a chance to honor your pledge. Use your voice to debate a fellow writer and let us discuss our views.

I look forward to seeing how many of you will accept my invitation.

Oh! Incidentally, I fully expect all 130 writers to ignore me and none of them will accept this invitation.

But if they do, can I please get an ammunition sponsor? Federal? Hornady? Winchester? Remington? Somebody? If I end up getting 10 people who agree, this is going to get expensive!