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Guest Post on “Morgen Bailey”

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Have a guest post on the blog “Morgen Bailey”. Here’s a highlight…
Your book is a full package. Cover art. Author photo. Formatting. Font choices. All of these elements contribute to the whole. You’re not just selling words on paper. You’re not creating something that’s “just about the story”. That’s a load of pompous dung. You’re selling yourself. If you show people a lazy, careless portrait, it’s not unreasonable to presume you’re a lazy, careless writer too. Cruddy author photographs prove, you don’t give 100% to everything you do. Why should anyone assume you gave 100% to your writing? Maybe you slack off on your writing, just like you did on your picture. Package deal, folks. Everything must be the best you can make it; from the font choices, right on down the line.
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