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Guest Post on “Alesha L. Escobar”

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Have a guest post on the blog “Alesha L. Escobar” for my book duology The Vampire Noctuaries. Here’s a highlight…
Imagine it’s 2013 and you started writing a vampire novel 20 years ago, back before vampires were glittering across movie screens and writing diaries all over television. Back then, the only vampire writers were Bram Stoker, Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite. (And, you know, Poppy was very new on the scene, only fellow punkers and goth kids knew who she was).

You were excited about this, because a vampire story was a very untapped genre. Not much competition. Not much over-saturation in the fickle eyes of the public. Plus, even though there were few stories out there, you wouldn’t follow any conventions of existing vampire movies and novels. No werewolves. No vampire hunters. No warring vampire clans. No love triangles. No “quest for the eldest vampire” and no forlorn sissy vampires, acting all Robert Smith about their “cursed” afterlife. No, no. These would be strong, powerful, violent, angry, sensual vampires who savored the thrill of their power. This would be something different.
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