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Interview on “Sumiko Saulson”

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Have an interview posted on the blog “Sumiko Saulson” for my book duology The Vampire Noctuaries. Here’s a highlight…
Would you consider Helle DuBois, the point of view character for the second book in your series, “Annwn’s Maelstrom Festival” to be a strong female protagonist?
Fundamentally, that depends on one’s definitions of strength and weakness. What kind of female is stronger? The girl who fights off her attacker and is never abused because she kicks so much ass? Or the girl who survives abuse and endures the aftermath? Would a girl be weak if she completely gives her heart and soul to love, and all the vulnerability that such a resignation entails? Or would real weakness be to shut yourself off from people and never feel love for anyone? I see Helle as all of the above. Despite her great power, she frequently uses it in ways that are violent and cruel and psychotic and I think that’s inarguably a weakness. She’s also completely consumed by an obsessive and almost symbiotic love for Elric. To me, giving that much of yourself to another, and being subservient to that passion, is a sign of great strength and fortitude. Others would disagree and say it’s a weakness to weave your own identity so deeply into another. Consequently, her “strength” or “weakness” is relative to your own point of view. As far as I’m concerned, her strengths and weaknesses manifest in different facets of her personality, thus, I see aspects of Helle as both a “weak little girl” and a “strong and confident goddess”, all wrapped up in one. I feel that dynamic, and those contradictions, make her endearing. She’s not always a strong girl to admire. She’s not always a weak girl to pity. She’s both. She’s basically the amalgam of every goth girl I ever dated… if they had been megalomaniacal vampires.

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