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Interview on “Nicky Peacock”

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Have an interview posted on the blog “Nicky Peacock” for my book duology The Vampire Noctuaries. Here’s a highlight…
What’s your least favourite part of being an author?
My initial thought was, “The business side of things.” Most authors love the act of writing, but hate the whole marketing/promoting/pimping/whoring part. But in thinking about it, I realized there is something worse. The part I loathe most is never being taken seriously. When I say, “I’m a graphic artist at a gaming company in Hollywood” or “I build websites for Disney” or “I design toys for the company that invented Care Bears” people are impressed. When I say, “I’m a novelist” people frown and think, “Yeah, he’s unemployed.” Tell folks you’re a musician or author and they look at you with scorn, unless you can back it up with “…in the London Philharmonic” or “…my name is Stephen King.” Let’s face it, you could earn 6-figures a year as a novelist and 99% of the population will still have no idea who you are. Heck, you could earn 7-figures and no one will know you! I think that’s the most irritating part. Regardless of how much recognition you lack or gain as an author, no one ever regards you seriously, unless your books are turned into blockbuster movies. “Oh, a writer? How nice.” Sounds like, “Oh, you have leprosy? How quaint.”

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