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Guest Post on “Books & Writing”

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Have a guest post on the blog “Books & Writing” for my book How You Can Get a Job at Walt Disney Studios Without a College Degree. Here’s a highlight…
“I know what you’re thinking, “But, Eric, surely you don’t expect aspiring authors to see themselves as the next Mozart. Are you telling people to have an ego so great they can eschew these practices and still find success?”

Darn right I am. You better. Otherwise, why are you wasting your time? Are you aspiring to greatness or mediocrity?

No, you shouldn’t see your work as being classic when you’re 15 years old. No. You are permitted a few years, perhaps even decades, of artistic self-doubt. But by the time you’re writing the final couple books of your life, you better think you’re absolutely amazing.

Ultimately, it really all comes down to following your gut.

If you think a proven idea will fail, don’t have any regrets about dismissing it.

If you think a crazy idea will work, have the courage to give it a shot.

Feel free to play by the rules if you want to, but remember, the rules are never there to help you succeed. The rules are there to befuddle the competition and the greatest success stories always come from the people who break them.”
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