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Book Release – “How You Can Get a Job at Walt Disney Studios Without a College Degree”

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Working for Walt Disney is a childhood dream, shared by millions of people, from all across the world. Since the founding of the studios in 1923, only a small fraction of individuals have ever experienced the bliss of making that dream coming true.

After working at the illustrious Studio for more than 6 years, author Eric Muss-Barnes shares his story of how that wish-upon-a-star came true for him, starting from humble beginnings in a bluecollar family in Ohio.

Told with warmth and humor, you learn every job, every experience, every career move he made. Starting from his childhood paper route during Cleveland blizzards, he explains how he journeyed all the way to sitting with Minnie Mouse, as a Cast Member, at the Disney Studio lot, on a warm Summer day.

How You Can Get a Job at Walt Disney Studios Without a College Degree is not merely about landing a job at Disney. Rather, it’s a tale regaling every trial and tribulation which lead Eric to Los Angeles, told in the hopes of inspiring you to continue the pursuit of your own dreams, whatever they may be.

You still have time to make your dream come true too. It’s never too late.

As Jiminy Cricket promised, if your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme…

When I started working at Walt Disney Studios in 2006, it was truly the greatest accomplishment of my professional life. I couldn’t believe how far I had come. To have achieved such a thing was truly beyond my wildest dreams. For the first time in my life, I was experiencing one of those “How did I get here?” moments. Was this truly my life? Did I really pull this off? Quite literally, it was a dream come true and I was filled with a bliss and contentment I had never before known.

I knew that I wouldn’t be the only person who feels that way. Many who accomplish such dreams would feel the same.

In those moments, the idea for this book began to germinate. I have always been a great big nobody. I’ve never done anything special. I’ve never really accomplished anything. I’m not famous. No one knows who I am. I don’t have a lot of friends or family. I’m kind of invisible. If I vanished off the face of the earth tomorrow, no one would pay any attention. I’m not saying that with self-pity. I’m just being honest. No matter how many times I watch It’s A Wonderful Life, I know the truth is, I’m not George Bailey and I don’t really make much of a difference in the world to anyone. Sure, if I’m lucky, there might be as many as 2 or 3 people at my funeral, but in a month, no one would miss me very much.

Yet, this great big nobody somehow managed to land his dream job, working at the single largest and most powerful entertainment company in the history of the entire world.

How the heck did I manage to do that?

The more I thought about it, the more I felt obligated to share my story. I know I’m not alone. There are a lot of great big nobodies out there in the world. Lots of you who have never accomplished anything. You’ve never done very much. And it tends to look like you never will. You’ll always be nothing. You’ll always be a nobody.

But you don’t want that to be your fate. None of us do.

I realized that if an insignificant underdog like myself can find a modicum of success, I owe it to my fellow screw-ups to tell you my story of how I reached my aspirations. I have to “pay it forward” and do my best to give you hope. After all, I know it’s a big cliche to say this, but if I made it… anyone can!

How You Can Get a Job at Walt Disney Studios Without a College Degree, like all of my books, is available in hardcover, paperback, or as an eBook for your Kindle or Nook or iPad or whatever. Simply visit the website below to purchase the book in whatever format you desire: