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Book Release – “Schooling Your Boss to Not Suck”

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Schooling Your Boss to Not Suck takes a fun and sarcastic journey into tales of horrible bosses. There are countless books on improving the workplace, but nothing quite like this.

Is your boss a supervillain? Need a superhero to straighten him out? Instead of being written by another stuffy “expert”, author Eric Muss-Barnes (who barely squeaked out of high school, let alone finished college), offers a lighthearted slant on leadership from the viewpoint of the common worker.

True stories. Real experiences. No silly parables here, folks. No “puppydogs and rainbows” like those other motivational books. Just genuine events of piss and vinegar from the American middleclass workplace.

Eric is just an Average Joe, like yourself, telling it like it is. If your boss sincerely wants to learn how to motivate and inspire the people, it’s time the boss stopped listening to other leaders and started listening to what regular people like you have to say. It’s time someone stood tall, whipped off those mild-mannered glasses, and schooled your boss on how to not suck!

This is my second book and was released in the spring of 2011. The writing of Schooling Your Boss to Not Suck was more than a self-imposed challenge to write something other than a vampire novel. The book also served as an exercise in learning about eBook publishing. That was my main motive behind authoring this volume – to educate myself on the technical challenges of programming the XHTML required for eBook distribution.

Plus, I sincerely do have a lot of strange tales of great bosses, and awful bosses, and I knew if I wrote such stories well, people might find my little anecdotes bemusing. One thing I don’t talk about in the book is the simple fact that many of these “life lessons” regarding great management practices, all stem from a single job I had, with a boss who really knew how to motivate people. Or at least, he really knew how to motivate me. Many of his philosophies have stuck with me ever since, because, to put it simply, he was right about everything.

I doubt many bosses will take the advice in this book to heart. Goodness knows, if they did, workplaces would be a lot more enjoyable.

Schooling Your Boss to Not Suck, like all of my books, is available in hardcover, paperback, or as an eBook for your Kindle or Nook or iPad or whatever. Simply visit the website below to purchase the book in whatever format you desire: