The State Flag of New California

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If my fellow Americans recall their American history, you remember the state of Virginia suffered from a great deal of political turmoil during the Civil War. As a result, residents from West Virginia decided to secede from Virginia and create a new state. This was not a quick and easy process. In fact, from the first stirrings of creating West Virginia until the day the federal government recognized West Virginia as a state, took about 60 years.

Today, there is a great deal of political contention in the state of California. As a result, there are a number of movements among California residents to secede from California and create a new state.

Treasonous socialists are looking to leave the United States and turn California into an independent country. As a patriotic American, I do not support them, as they are traitors to the United States.

Others are proposing the creation of three states – Northern California, Southern California and Central California. While this is a better solution, it’s unrealistic. Dividing California into two states offers a difficult challenge. Dividing it into three states only further complicates things and therefore makes it less likely to succeed. Plus, that type of secession doesn’t unite the proper political demographics. I can’t support that either.

In the past few weeks, I heard about a movement that I passionately support. The idea is to create a state called New California from the central and eastern counties of California, while leaving the coastal cities and counties untouched. In my opinion, this is a brilliant idea. It’s simple. It requires none of the coastal counties to change anything. They would still remain California. But the rest of us, the patriots who believe in the Bill of Rights, devoted Americans who hold the Declaration of Independence as sacred, and who have sworn to kill and die in defense of the Constitution, can live as free men and women in New California.

Personally, I have complete faith in New California and I think it is only a matter of time before it becomes a reality. Hopefully, unlike West Virginia, it won’t take 60 years to happen.

Being inspired by the ideology of this movement, I decided I could contribute by designing the state flag of New California. There was one being used already, but I felt I could improve upon it.

Most modern flags are designed to follow rules of color combinations, established centuries ago, from medieval coats of arms. The artistry of drawing and establishing these guidelines was known as “heraldry”.

All heraldic designs used a number of primary colors known as “tinctures”. These tinctures were divided into two main groups. There were two “metals” and five “colors”.

Gold/Yellow (known as “Or”)
Silver/White (known as “Argent”)

Red (known as “Gules”)
Black (known as “Sable”)
Blue (known as “Azure”)
Green (known as “Vert”)
Purple (known as “Purpure”)

One of the most basic and important rules regarding tinctures in heraldic design is to never overlap colors or metals. The reason being – the human eye has a difficult time seeing the contrast between these color combinations from a distance.

You can only place metals on colors, or colors on metals.

The whole point of flags and coats of arms painted upon shields was to quickly identify friend from foe on the battlefield. When you were preparing to fire an arrow at someone 600 feet away, you had to make sure the person holding that shield was your enemy, not your ally.

Modern state flags follow these rules as well. For those who may think these “rules” are outdated and never used anymore, you use them every day. Modern traffic signs follow the standards of “colors on metals” and “metals on colors”, as a way to assure they can be read from a distance, while driving at high speeds.

Here, we can see the original New California flag design proposed by Sutter County, California.

Based upon the previous explaination of the history of heraldry and some of the rationale and reasoning behind flag designs, you can quickly spot numerous flaws in the layout of this flag.

The field is an odd coloring of maroon, instead of a primary color. Plus, it uses a gradient, slowly blending from a dark, almost black maroon on top, to a much lighter maroon on the bottom.

The center stripe is azure on top of maroon. This is a color atop a color and goes against the rules of vivid contrast. Likewise, the canton in the upper left contains a gold star in a silver field, which is a metal on top of a metal.

The gold star is not a solid color, but rather an embossed image with a beveled edge. Again, this kind of embellishment is never used on flags or shield devices. Colors are solid, so they can be easily seen and reproduced. Gradients and beveling are not design elements that are ever used.
The text of “New California” is strangely offset. Instead of being centered in the stripe, it is pushed to the right in a way that looks unbalanced.

The motto of “A More Perfect Union” conforms to the tincture rules properly (gold atop a color) but again, it is offset in a rather uneven way. Pushed slightly to the right of center, it feels unbalanced and awkward.

Despite the numerous tincture flaws with this design, the overall layout is very balanced and aesthetically pleasing. In my design, I have tried to mirror some of these design elements (a similarly-positioned stripe and canton) in honor of this first flag design.

There are numerous historical flags which served as an inspiration for my design of the New California flag.

First is the “Gadsden Flag” from the Revolutionary War. This symbol of the rattlesnake was one of the first flags used by American colonists as the initial stirrings against the British Empire began.

Another inspiration is the current national flag of the United States of America, Old Glory with her blue canton of 50 white stars and 13 stripes to represent our founding colonies.

A flag that has been adopted in recent years as a way to honor the efforts of police and firefighter first responders are the “thin blue line” and the “thin red line” flags, which are black and white versions of the American flag, with a single stripe turned to blue or red.

Finally, there are design elements from the California State flag (namely the upper left star) which serves as a reminder of the origins of the state of New California.

Here is my proposed design for the state flag of New California including all the reasons and symbolism behind the design.

First, the aspect ratio of the flag is 19:10 which matches the current national flag of the United States of America.

The foundation of the flag is a yellow field, in honor of the “Gadsden Flag” from the American Revolution.

In the upper left is a blue quarter, matching the blue used in the canton of Old Glory. For balance and symmetry, it is a quarter instead of a canton.

Beneath the quarter is a red stripe 1/13 the height of the flag, as a way to represent the current American flag stripes. This design also respects and pays homage to the “thin red line” and “thin blue line” honorary flags for police and firefighters.

Within the red stripe are 13 five-pointed stars (known as a “mullet” in medieval heraldry) to honor the original 13 colonies of the United States.

Finally, the blue quarter contains a large yellow star to represent an individual state and an acknowledgement hearkening back to the red star on the California Republic flag.

Coloring conforms to medieval heraldic rules of tinctures and metals for maximum visibility.

The red and blue colors are designed to match the colors of Old Glory as faithfully as possible. Based on color information published by the American Legion, these are the color standards which should be used.

RGB: 191r, 41g, 48b
CMYK: 12c, 95m, 75y, 0k

RGB: 0r, 40g, 104b
CMYK: 100c, 52m, 0y, 48k

RGB: 251r, 217g, 0b
CMYK: 100c, 52m, 0y, 48k

Finally, while the flag of the United States of America is nicknamed “Old Glory”, the nickname for the New California state flag is the “New Guard”, in honor of the Declaration of Independence line which states, “…when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

To download a PDF summary of the flag creation, go to:

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To learn more about New California, go to:

An Open Letter to Everytown Authors Council

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As a novelist, I believe freedom of speech is one of the most important human freedoms that American citizens have ordered our government to never interfere with.

Our next most vital right, second to our freedom, is our right to defend that freedom from all who would seek to take it away.

Any threat against our Second Amendment is a veiled threat against the First.

A few days ago, I found out about an initiative, funded by Michael Bloomberg, called the Everytown Authors Council, seeking to recruit fellow writers to encourage more gun laws.

As an NRA member, I hereby offer a challenge to all of those writers.

Come visit me in California.

Shoot some guns with me.

Educate yourself about firearms before you pass judgement on owning one.

I will shoot video of our meeting. I encourage you to do the same.

I will post our discussion and experiences online, so everyone can fairly see both of our viewpoints.

There are currently 130 writers who have volunteered to take part in the Everytown Authors Council. Part of their vow states, “we pledge to use our voices wherever and whenever we can, doing our part to help mobilize more
Americans to help save lives.”

Okay. Here is a chance to honor your pledge. Use your voice to debate a fellow writer and let us discuss our views.

I look forward to seeing how many of you will accept my invitation.

Oh! Incidentally, I fully expect all 130 writers to ignore me and none of them will accept this invitation.

But if they do, can I please get an ammunition sponsor? Federal? Hornady? Winchester? Remington? Somebody? If I end up getting 10 people who agree, this is going to get expensive!

Dear Hillary Clinton Supporters, This is Why You Lost…

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Dear Hillary Clinton Supporters,

Why did she lose?

How did this happen?

We can tell you. But you won’t like the answer.

You lost because “liberals” and “progressives” are only a small minority of the population and the media had you convinced you were an unstoppable majority.

In reality, you are nothing more than a tiny group of self-righteous and egocentric hypocrites, arrogantly belittling everyone who disagrees with you. You claim to support your buzzwords of “diversity” and “tolerance” and “acceptance” but the moment anyone questions your viewpoint, you disparage dissenters with vulgar labels. Racist! Bigot! Sexist! Homophobic! Islamophobic! Hateful! Nazi!

Those are the only words you know. You can’t use your big words. Colleges are passing out coloring books and having “cry-ins” for you! You are children. Toddlers. When you don’t get your way, you attack fellow citizens in the streets like animals. Throwing tantrums like infants.

And you wonder why the majority of the nation doesn’t respect you? Your juvenile reactions reinforce our justification to ignore everything you represent.

You keep screaming things like, “WE WON’T BE SILENCED!” We don’t need to silence you. You’re just starting to learn that we don’t need to listen.

Let’s do the math. 318 million people live in the United States. Only 60 million voted for Hillary Clinton. 60 million. That is a mere 18% of the country.

82% of your fellow Americans did not vote for Hillary Clinton. Think about that.

82% of the United States of America did not want Hillary Clinton to be president.

Only 18% of the country agrees with you. You are outnumbered more than 5 to 1. Despite what the media brainwashed you into believing, you aren’t even close to being a majority.

And you have no idea why.

Because the moment any mature adult tries to explain it to you, in a civilized manner, you cry, you weep, you “mourn”, you need healing, you need a “safe space”, you cover your ears and regurgitate your preprogrammed insults. Racist! Bigot! Sexist! Homophobic! Islamophobic! Hateful! Cisgendered White Power BASTARDS!

Why do you do that? You are still doing it now. You get on social media and tell everyone who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton that we “Voted for hate” and “Support bigotry”. No. We don’t. That is why she lost. We are sick and tired of seeing celebrities and journalists trying to bully us into compliance. You honestly think that insulting us will compel us to obey you? When has that ever worked? When has mocking a group of people ever made them respect your opinion? Are you honestly that full of yourselves? You honestly think you are some kind of “holy warriors” and the other 82% of the country is filled with evil and xenophobic monsters? Really? You are that delusional? You know us. We are your friends and neighbors. We are your children and parents and coworkers. This is reality. This isn’t a dystopian fantasy novel. You are not “the chosen ones” battling the forces of darkness.

Why can’t you see the simple truth that being relentlessly condescending to 4/5ths of the country is the reason you lost? When will liberals learn that shaming people into conformity does not work? Crying that you are “offended” is not an adequate retort to vindicate your stance.

You have no idea how to engage in a genteel debate. You are incapable of participating in articulate discourse.

82% of your fellow Americans disagreed with you. 82% could see that Hillary was a deceptive nightmare.

The reason liberals find that so shocking is because you only listen to the media. They assured you that the coronation of Queen Hillary was inevitable. You never paid attention to reality. You believe blathering talkshow hosts. You trust celebrities on Twitter. You have faith in CNN polls. You get your news from Facebook feeds of people who agree with you. You remain sequestered on college campuses where you refuse to let anyone speak if they question your agenda. You think Saturday Night Live skits reflect the pulse of the nation.

Mainstream media is betraying you. Social media is feeding you what they want you to read. You never stop to consider, “Maybe if we mercilessly oppress and denigrate people with opposing views… they will never listen to us.”

Look at your beloved newscasters. Look at your braindead Hollywood actors. They are still pushing the same divisive rhetoric. They are still condescending to everyone that didn’t vote for their Queen. They learned nothing.

On 8 November 2016, you lost far more than an election. You lost the most powerful weapon you possessed – your veil of deception. We have to give you credit. Your dominance of the media worked. You had us convinced. We thought you were powerful. We thought Hillary was going to win. We thought traditional values were withering away and we believed you were changing the world. Changing it for the worse, but you were changing it. You tricked us. You succeeded. You hammered us and belittled us and silenced us at every turn and we truly thought you were winning. We thought you were taking over the nation. This election taught us, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we were mistaken. In reality, there are very few of you. You represent a minuscule fraction of our society. The media gave you a loud mouthpiece to drown out all other voices, but there are far more of us than there are of you. We know that now. This election confirmed it. And we won’t forget it.

When you are done crying like babies, and finishing your coloring books, maybe you should wake up. Maybe you should try to make the world a better place by volunteering at a homeless shelter, instead of posting memes on Facebook. Maybe if you support women so much, you could assist at a rape crisis hotline, instead of retweeting Miley Cyrus. Maybe you should attempt to talk with people who disagree with you, instead of scorning them. Maybe you should try to find out why only 18% of the country thinks like you and your friends. Maybe you should accept the possibility that the other 82% of the nation knows something you don’t and we are nowhere near being as stupid as you presume us to be. Maybe those who have different opinions aren’t hateful, racist, sexist, xenophobic, redneck, bigots. Maybe you’re in the vast minority because you were wrong. And maybe the other 82% of your fellow Americans are not so deplorable after all.

Did it ever occur to you that maybe our true enemies are not one another, but rather, those who are constantly trying to divide us?

With Utmost Respect, Love & Unity,
The Flyover States